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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2016 Norge

Welcome to the filmfestival for everyone that loves the outdoors, mountain culture and mountain sports. The last 14 years we have brougth the best films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Oslo and 2016 will be no exception.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition featuring the world’s best footage on mountain subjects. The festival began in 1976 and is held annually on the first weekend in November in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Immediately after the Festival ends in November, a selection of the best films go on tour across Canada, the United States, and internationally from Scotland to South Africa to China, Lebanon, Chile, New Zealand, Antarctica, and points in between. Each year, the films travel to 40 countries reaching more than 390,000 people at over 840 screenings.

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This years festival is presented by Osprey and Suunto with support of Scandnvaian Photo. Media partners in Norway, FriFlyt and Ute, help us reach a wider audience. During one evening we will show a wide variaty of films with different lengths and subjects, see the film program.


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Tuesday 11 October

18,30, Folketeateret, Youngstorget, Storgata 21-23 (doors open at 18,00).

Tickets will be sold online and available at selected ticket vendors in Oslo, follow us on FaceBook to stay updated. Any left over tickets will be sold at the door @200 NOK.


Ticket vendors

 (ticket price: 150 NOK)

  • Oslo Sportslager, Torggata 20
  • Klatreverket, Sandakerveien 24C
  • Piteraq, Parkveien 19
  • Nomaden, Uranienborgveien 4
  • Scandinavian Photo, Møllergata 4
  • Sportsnett, Olav Vs gt 6

Online tickets

An additional ticket & card fee of 15 NOK per ticket will be added.


UTEmagOnline offer from our media partner – 1 ticket + 3 issues of UTE, 249 NOK! 1 billett + prøveabonnement UTE 3 utg. 249,- (ord.pris 447,-)



Film program 2016 Norge 


Pretty Faces (special edit)

(2014, USA, 11 min)
Filmmaker: Lynsey Dyer
Classification: General; no advisory

Pretty Faces 03 Zoya Lynch

Celebrate women who thrive in the snow! Follow her as she chases snow, from
the time she needs to be lifted onto the chairlift to her first Alaskan dream line
and beyond.


Golden Gate

(2015, USA, 17 min)
Filmmaker: Jon Glassberg
Classification: General; no advisory

Golden Gate 01 Jon Glassberg Louder Than Eleven

She’s been trad climbing for only three years, but Emily Harrington didn’t let that sway her from the magnetic pull of El Capitan’s ‘Golden Gate’ (5.13 VI). Six days and 40 pitches later, she stood on the summit with broken skin, aching muscles and a smile that stretched across Yosemite Valley.


Will Sutton: Homefree

(2015, UK, 4 min)
Filmmaker: Stu Thompson
Classification: General; no advisory

Will Sutton Homefree 02 Cut Media

Top freerunner and parkour athlete, Will Sutton, in a unique journey across his homeland of the Isle of Man.


Unbranded (special edit)

People’s Choice Award – sponsored by Osprey

(2015, USA, 46 min)
Filmmakers: Dennis Aig, Phillip Baribeau
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language

Unbranded 19 Ben Masters

Four men and 16 wild mustangs set off on a 5000 kilometre journey across the American West from Mexico to Canada. In the spirit of true adventure, whiskey is drunk, tempers fly, tragedy strikes, and the bonds of friendship hold fast. But can the journey help save the plight of the wild horses roaming on public lands? Only time will tell.




About 20-30 min intermission. During the intermission you have the opportunity to grab something to eat or drink, visit the exibition, take part in the price draw, chat with people and get ready for the second half!


Nature Rx

(2015, USA, 1 min)
Filmmaker: Justin Bogardus
Classification: General; no Advisory

Nature Rx 03 Dream Tree Films Productions

Is life a little too mundane or overwhelming ? Feeling tired, irritable or stressed out? Maybe Nature Rx is just the ticket.


Chasing Niagara (special edit)

Best Film – Mountain Sports – sponsored by Sea & Summit

(2015, USA, 31 min)
Filmmakers: Red Bull Media House GmbH, Rush Sturges
Classification: Parental Guidance; sports accident, coarse language

Chasing Niagara 02 Marcos Ferro Red Bull Content Pool

When pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz decides to paddle over Niagara Falls, he sets in motion a series of events leading his team on a remarkable two-year journey from Mexican rainforest rivers to the waterfalls of the U.S. Northwest before coming to a heart-stopping climax at the iconic falls.

When choosing the winner of this category we were asked to confront what we are willing to endure as athletes to accomplish our goals. How far can we push ourselves in a pursuit? What are we willing to risk? Why? We are taken on a deeply devoted journey and faced with the realities of consequence. Ultimately, we’re offered the idea that failure is relative…and perhaps walking away can be seen as one of the highest achievements of any athlete.

— Cory Richards, jury member.


Builder (special edit)

(2015, Canada, 9 min)
Filmmakers: Julian Coffey, Scott Secco
Classification: General; coarse language

Builder 01 Julien Grimard

Some people grow up and leave childish things behind. Others just take their childhood dreams and turn them up to 11 as they age. Building trails and tricks for your mountain bike never gets old, no matter your age.



(2015, USA, 8 min)
Filmmakers: Ben Moon, Ben Knight
Classification: General, no advisory

Denali03 Lisa Hensel

There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest times. A collaboration between
Ben Knight, Skip Armstrong and Ben Moon.


Showdown at Horseshoe Hell

Radical Reels People’s Choice Award

(2015, USA, 21 min)
Filmmakers: Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, drug use

REEL ROCK 10 Showdown at Horseshoe Hell 03 Lucas Marshall

How hard can it be? 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is a climbing competition that has you climbing day and night and racking up points for your climbs as you go. You just have to beat Alex Honnold.


About the organizer - Pathfinder Travels

In the last 14 years, our guests have skied in mountain environments where few Scandinavians have previously skied. For example, we were the first in Scandinavia to arrange ski trips to Morocco and Iran. For most of our trips, you have to ascend the mountain on your own power with the help of climbing skins. But we also have trips where lifts will assist you in getting up, such as our trip to Iran, and in certain cases, by helicopter or snowcat. See all our ski trips here!


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